The More you Know, The more you want to Learn!!!

By: Ty Ratana,

Actually, today is the first day that all participants start to move on from hotel to lives with host families. Some of them are going to other cities but I think, it’s not quite far from Missoula at all. But for me, I will be stay in Missoula city for a couple days first. Then in the weekend I will travel to Bozeman city.

Well, Today I’m starting working with my host coordinator, Mrs. Amita Patel Greer. She is a Director of business Advising and SBDC, Montana CDC. First of all, Amita, she had introduced me to all Montana CDC staff and I also introduced myself back to them as well. Then, I had chanced to have a meeting with Mr. Dave Gloser, President of Montana CDC to taking about general information of company as well as the strategy plan and challenges of company as well. It was such a great opportunity for me that I could talk and asked directly as he is the important person I could learn from. And in the afternoon, Amita and I had meeting with Business client. So, I could observe and learnt from them too. I can see that, Montana CDC, it has good relationship and network with all agencies such as Profit or Nonprofit agencies as same as the Government too, their tasks as consultant and free of charge for all client to consult with them related to their business.

In the evening, I had moved with Mrs. Julie and living her family for this couple days while I have been working in Missoula. Julie, she is a Director of Client Relation, Montana CDC. She has twin boy kids and living near by the city. It great for me to living with them, coz I will not feel much homesick and missing my lovely son, Rado.

Well, so now let me talk about my stay a week in Missoula and worked with other participants from other countries. It was given me too much experiences. I had chances to meet with many people and groups. One of among other experience, while I’d been attended one workshop which organized by Montana Businesswomen’s Network, on the topic “Women Supporting Women”. It was surprised me, while I had got the Prize for this event and I will bring such kind of this event to apply with my current project in next year, which I called it “ Small Enterprise Women’s Network”.

In meanwhile, I also jointed one more important meeting which they discussed about The Burma: Reforms and Opportunities for the Future in Southeast Asia by Dr. David Steinberg, Professor, Geogretown University. It was so interested event that could bring me more knowledge and clear understanding about any issue in Burma-Myanmar for their any opportunities in the future. Then, It was started to force me again want to visit in Burma soon in near future. I do like Burma Country! And I had jointed The East Asia Young Leaders Dialogue event that they were talked about The Rise of China. In this event, they brought young leader from Korea, Japan, China and Cambodia (Me) to be a panel discussion as well.
It was a great experience for me in among of another experience, which I could learnt from other young leader as a country representative and talks openly in their region and the world. And It was so could let us (Young Leader Generation) dial more close relationship and network for long term as well.

Last by not least, I was clam up to “M” mountain in this last weekend. It is so wonderful escape and view in the world. I will never and ever forget it. I also would like to say thank you so much to Deena and Kelsey for hardly to coordinate us since the beginning we arrived in Missoula till now and arranged us to meet with such kind of great and important persons in Missoula. Thank you so much and I will make this opportunity to be the most experience in my life.


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