By Lan, Dang Phi

One week has passed since we arrived Missoula. Today is the first day off. But this has become a fruitful day for all of us. There was a great chance to reach out and sense the coldness of Missoula winter and the warmness of American society.

Starting the day from a nearby farmers market we have seen the farming products brought to Missoula from their farms. Despite the breezing wind, smiles were found in everybody’s face. Farmers were so proud with what they have to offer: red peppers, green onions, golden pumpkins, pinky potatoes. All have been shined under the morning sun and well demonstrating the harmony in the life of US society. For us, farmers and city people show great relationship and support. The market was run in so good order that everybody seems so happy to be part of it. We could see the event as good chance for farmers to cash in from their various farming businesses as well as to promote a culture brought about from villages in Montana. Music bands and food courses contributed great deal to a climate where everyone would sense a marry and happy atmosphere.At farmers market Barn at homestead Moon Randolph homestead Lan and Bandith at Farmers market

The next part of the day was for us to attend a festival in Moon-Randolph Homestead, where we were able to try delicious food from Missoula’s top restaurants, fresh apple juice from the orchard and watched music and dancing from local bands. The beautiful sites in the outskirt of Missoula surprised and inspired us. There is a great chance for us to witness high community spirit, good self organization by local people and communities in the event activities.  What we did learn during the week from government operation, institutional services and private sector businesses actually have impacted on the life of people which has been shown in the farmers’ market an Homestead Festival of Moon-Randolph.

Thanks for allowing us to see, sense and touch the reality of American culture through this meaningful day.


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