Just arrived

Just arrived

Leaves on the greenery rice field at the end of my village waved to say goodbye… on the day, I left a small village in the southern sphere, the tropical world where the warmth and moist that I familiar with, heading to Missoulal, another place in the northern sphere, the land which is cold and far away.

At the time I arrived Missoula,the winds of autumn ripped the green shades of summer to the reddish countenance.I stay at the bank of the Clark Fork River on the entire The Northern Rocky Mountains, usually referred to as the Northern Rockies.I am here,now it is a week, when I have to write about my learning as a participant of the Economic Empowerment Fellows Program of the University of Montana.

From the small village surrounds by tropical forest. There, my ancester pioneered the land, they hoed and molded the rainy rice field. They founded the farmer village… Being born and growing up in the community. We depend on nature, to cultivate rice, to plant vegetables and fruits, to raise animals, to fish or to collect food from the forest, this way of life teaches me the meaning of the unity of Agriculture and the Ecology system of the world… and nowsaday most of people in my village are still being farmers.This kind of living life make me have a question, always with industrialization under the power of depolarized capitalism world…which money,investments ,trade are seems to be very significant.

In the past week, the concept which the Economic Empowerment Fellows Program throughout for participants about investing, trading and doing business that valueable to society and environmentally friendly. Some interesting and feasible to be able to apply to use to empowering the economic in my small community but some felt the concept so far, and seem to be impossible for my small local society of the East.

Questions remain in my mind and will spend the remaining four weeks in America to learn more about the economy and the society or community in America.Are there have any tension within the cultural system has been challenged by the mainstream economic system under a large investment increased steadily. How the local people have been?. How America’s community look like?. Is it same or different with my community?.

My communities that I mentioned here is community where started and exist to strengthen fragile people, the community that try to grow their own vegetable as much as they can, raise chicken,buffalo,cows, pigs, collect mushroom, bamboo shoots, vegetables and develop their own source of energy.

"Being in the reality, not being infatuated with the utopia." someone told me when we had a conversation in my own community.

Yes,my community is not a paradise, it is just a place which the people are willing to keep the community going. Either here or there, existing of power, selfishness, conflict, adherence to self-determination,envy, anger, rulers and greed. On the other hand there were also filled with love, forgiveness, generousity, cooperation, beauty, art, literature, music. Both ugliness and beauty are in the community. There are continous implementation operation in between people and in our own. But community need to exist with a strong shared commitment to maintain a sense of community.

The endless Mountains around Missoula are wearing yellow, orange and red dress of autumn, beings low their heads in the bleak coldness…It is the time I have to learn about America and we are not yet familiar with each other.

Bampen Chaiyarak

From Sakonnakhon, Thailand



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