A great success from action plan and leadership

A great success from action plan and leadership

By: THENG Pagnathun

One of my main objectives to the US is to see how the plans can be developed and implemented with great success and leadership, which Cambodia still facing until present. Today, is another opportunity beside the whole valuable program in Montana for participants from Southeast Asia namely Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam were invited to attend the two sessions on Action Plan Development, and Leadership Workshop focus on Intercultural Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. These two sessions was presented by Ms. Rachel Gooen and Dr. Phyllis Ngai.

For the 1st Session on Action Plan Development, Ms. Rachel has shown comprehensive information on action plans in general and especially focus on participant action plan who has attended Economic Empowerment Program from 3rd October to 11th November 2013. We have learnt the mean, important, way of formulation, and how to prepare and evaluate of action plan, which all participants from differences background and still need to improve knowledge on this topic. This session is very excited which all participants has exchanged and requested presenter to clarify about current action plan that formulating and implementing in individual country which so far directing by difference agencies or development partners.

Furthermore, I can judge that we have learnt and improved our knowledge from this session, and knew if not clear action plan will bring us to failure of plan implementation and immeasurable and also waste time and resources. And enable participants to formulate their own action plan after above-mentioned program.

For the 2nd Session on Leadership Workshop focus on Intercultural Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Dr. Phyllis Ngai has introduced to participants in practical communication strategies that are useful for dealing with intercultural conflicts and taking part in intercultural negotiations. All participants have learnt in three-step competence development approach: self-discovery, cross-cultural comparison, and simulated application, which help us to understand clearly how the important of culture influences and identify culture gaps. So far, even we have been working in various sectors and differences environment but we all seem not clear how the important of cultures and the way of solving culture conflict.

From this workshop, myself and participants not only interacted in the group and presenter to understand clearly on how culture influences in different aspects of communications, identify own communication style in contrast to different culture orientations, and develop skills for bridging cultural gaps, but we also can see how the strengths of American government in managing people from different country and culture to live and work in one community without interest conflicts (harmonize).

To conclude, and through exchanging view from this 1st week in Montana, US, I would summary that formulate clear plan is just the 1st main step of planning cycle but if the plan not really link to clear action plan with leadership by group of management it cause of failure of implementation.

Even, just beginning of program I have learnt a lot how to get success in planning perspective, and do hope will gain more from the rest of program.

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