I has changed my vision and my life gonna change

On Oct 11, 2013, at 8:02 AM, Nong Thi Ngoc <ngoc3pad> wrote:

Coming to US is a big chance in my life. Missoula city welcomed me with a very cold and dry weather but Homecoming festival was so warm. People I have met in Missoula are strangers but very friendly and open. Missoula is a small citby of Montana but it has a big shopping area that I have ever seen before. Missoula is so beautiful.

I bring many expectations with me to US. I want to see how is US? how they are doing Economic Empowerment? How is country, culture, people. Why does US become dream of many people in the world etc.

I have worked as advisor in Bac Kan province about 5 years. That is one of poorest province in Viet Nam and I always try to find the way to develop my area and help people to have a better life, all chidden can go to school and have enough warm clothes to wear in the winter. Sometimes I wake up at night and can not sleep back because I wonder what I can do for my people and how I can help them? This concerning always in my mind. I have started to pilot new method to improve condition in my province by supporting enterprises but I face a lot of challenges and I feel stuck. Now I feel more confident since I met and talk with many people in Missoula who are changing my vision and sure they also change my life. I am so impress with what they have done in Montana and Missoula to develop this state from very harsh condition. They help me to find the key actor of development. That is enterprise, because they:

  • Create job for people;
  • Pay tax for develop country;
  • Produce many products for people’s life;
  • Pay salary for people. etc

In Montana, a person with a business idea can become successful business person. He/she only need to share their dream that will become true because they have many supporting.

I would like to thanks Ms. Dawn K. McGee, CEO of Goodworks Ventures, LLC who is very strong like iron lady. She transferred to me the confident feeling to continue my method I have used. Ms Amita Patel Greer from Montana CDC increase an idea in my mind to set up a Center like Montana CDC in my province. This is very big dream but it may be a good way or only way to change my area. I know I am always very different with my people but sometimes you must become different to do different thing to make change.

I still have many stories to share with you after the first week in Montana and I know many value things are waiting me next 4 weeks. This trip is very useful and I wish my people can come and learn what I have learnt to do different.

(Actually I finished my blog this afternoon in Tribal but I do not know what I did to lost all of them so I have to do it again)


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