“From massy Puzzle to The perfect Puzzle”

“From massy Puzzle to The perfect Puzzle”

Sa Bai Dee Missoula, I am Mr. Saoban which in Laos means Mr. Villager. And i think in Montana should be Mr. Cow Boy 🙂

After the yesterday workshop 4 wonderful professors Of Missoula. especially with Dawn The CEO of Goodworks Ventures, LLC. She makes my brian keeping running, i have 5 or 10 minuste that i do not remember now. But it is the most great time for me this year to finally meet this person ” i am so happy that I run to stop her before she left the Mansfield Center”
I think you will think why? Why? And Why? Is she special strong like Iron Women? Ongsan Su Jee the Nobel Award? Or whoever. But for me she is the person who can answer the question that I want to know for my last 8 years. And She asked me the question that I never ASK myself, which it means i never think about it. But i know that ! the question any one can Ask you.
More than that she UNDERSTAND me in a second and SOLVE my problem that I have in just the first met. So i will give you some EXAMPLE later ok, but now I just want to share my feeling to you that I really can not wait for the next appointment , can not lost my chance to ASK her that I want to take her to the Lunch and sharing my story to her.
Have you do or do you know about this or not in your business?

1. should NOT keep the bad staff, fine them as fast as possible.
2. Should let them do it before BUY them.
3. Fine someone to help you to do the thing that you not good at.
4. If you think that you can not do, how it can be done, if you believe that you can do. It will be able to do it for sure.
5. Find out what you good at.

This is just the first day of my class, and then today I had 3 more workshop with MontanaCDC, MonTEC with Dr. Fanguy and the fantastic lady whom own Mamalode Magazine.
What i learn from all of them today is may need me to tell you more than a week. I feel like i am riding my motorbike on the dirty road to the village in Xiengkhoung province north of Laos, it just 39 km but it takes 4 hours to reach to the villagers, and if the raining season. I may fall out of my bike again and gain. And now we got someone lighting the candle on the way of the dark road, who will coach and lead us and go through together. And now they are starting to take us to try the Zin kan Zen train. The fastest and safely train in Japan. It gonna take sometime for me to learn how to drive and train others to ride it. But it is something that i am must do it instead of my leg is gonna broke on the Bike.

We all know that when we want to start our business or doing something, we are always focus on the positive ways and want other people to believe that and the start it. I do not want to Anti on this idea, because i am always did that.
I wan to start it right now if i can. I mean if i can start it tonight, i am going to do it, and if i can call someone right now i am gonna do that.
And many time we are found that we forgot to think about this. Our product is not fit to the target that we think. And we will be come headache on solving the problem. And it not just one.

So it is better to step back and find out these answer:
A. Do you have business plan? To make you clear before you invest all your money in.
B. Do you know who is your customer? Do you have a chance to listen to them or learn from them?
C. What any problem in your product?
D. Do you know who is your competitor?
E. what make the customer feel Value on your product?
F. Have you had an idea how to get in to your customer? Who are we talking to? When is the good time to tell your story? How to keep them? How to make them feel like they are the part of our work?

Today i feel like my darkness puzzle is more light than before. Some part of it had been filled in. I am sure my learning puzzle will never done until i am gone. But i am feel more confident on what i can do it better and i believe i can make it better like.



Hope i can get feed back from you on good and bad, feel free share on my face book Page “Saoban”

Thank you every one.
Mr. Saoban
In Missoula , Montana 8 October 2013

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#Mr. Saoban works with 300 families in Laos, has 301 moms (1 in Helena )
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