It is really great to have in Montana for four weeks and we are like families between our fellowships and our friends from South East Asia. We are close to each other ever and it feels that time is so fast and our day to Washington is getting closer. I am really excited to meet with professional fellows congress and attending seminars at Washington DC.

As last day of our Group Activity in Montana, it is planned to visit to Glacier Park. Since it is our final trip in Montana before leaving to Washington DC, I really wanted to go with all of my friends together like where we visited to Yellow Stone National Park. Unfortunately, some already went to Glacier National Park during their fellowship and I really missed my friends who couldn’t join with us our trip to Glacier National Park. It is really unforgettable scenic experience trip for me because initially I thought that it makes me no excited for me since I have been to Yellow Stone where I found a lot of wonderful and beautiful places in the World. But when I reached to there, my thoughts has totally changed and I feel that I will regret it if I choose not to go to Glacier Park. I really appreciate to our lovely Program Coordinator, Ms Kelsey and she put all of her energy to drive through all the way to Glacier Park and without her arrangement, I won’t ever to get the sense of beauty of Natural Park.

It really wonder for me when people are sharing same mission to protect the Natural Resources for their future generation like how American People preserve the Natural Resources as their own and how employees of Park are very passionate about their work. Without getting explanation from Rangers, my knowledge about Natural Park won’t complete. It is really challenge for them to protect the Natural Resources by having a lot of constraints and they have been protecting since early 1900. They explained that they have to consider not only management and recreation for people but also science points of views. They are looking into not to have depletion of vegetables for species and clean water. They also do protection for wild life animals and they are planning to install devices to them in order to know how many numbers have decreased and increased. It is really interesting to know about their job in details and they are enjoying explaining to us. We enjoys listening of their presentation by embracing the cold weather that we chose the place near the lake where we can see the valley of mountains and Mc Donald Lake. In our countries, we have natural park and natural beauty but as citizens, I really don’t know how to value and treasure that places and to maintain. It is learned that maintaining of country’s natural resources are responsible for every citizens in order to save for our future generation. Another luckiest one is we got chance to go up to Avalanche Creek and we can walk around the trail of the Cedars. It is really fortunate to see over 100 years old of Trees and flowing of river. I really don’t know how to express in words about the beauty of this park and I really want to invite everyone to visit and see with their eyes about the sense of Beauty of Natural Park.

Another interesting story about is Mr Tien Windauer who opens restaurant at Columbia Fall that is situated on the way to Glacier Park. I really admired how he struggles his life to be successful businessman from the boy who escaped from Vietnam during War. He explained to us about his business and his family. After nearly thirty years, they have family reunion with their father and his family. His village is still the same when he left from his country and we enjoyed eating of his food. In my mind, it reminds always how American Peoples are help each other and contribute their community and society not only Natural Resources but also People from Others.


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