The first day after fellowship: May 1, 2013

Today is first day after coming back from two weeks fellowship with our wonderful, feverous, and generous host families in Missoula, Kalispell, Helena, Billing, Hamilton, the state of Montana.

We started today seminar by exchanging the knowledge and experiences learning from our two weeks fellowship in different parts of Montana. We all were much appreciated and thankful to all cooperations and supports from our coordinators and host families for their warmest welcome, hospitability, knowledge and experiences while we were in our fellowship. They did their excellent jobs, they took us to meet with all development agencies, visited companies, farms and etc where we could learn and practice our work experiences.

I had great time staying with two great families, Joeph Unterriener’s family and Webb Scott Brown’s family in Kalispell and Helena. They’re both excellent, I feel like I stay in my home family. I learn a lot of things from them, they scheduled for me to meet with all business development agencies in city level and state level. I met with staffs of Local Chamber of commerce, local business development agencies as well as government agencies to discuss about how they suppot the growth of business in community including accessing to finance, business plan, marketing, infrastructure and human resource development. They not only scheduled for me to meet with business development agencies but they also took me to others business networking activities namely unwind party, rotary club, golf tournament, fund raiser and etc. Luckily, today we had opportunity to participate the rotary international luncheon at Florence Missoula.

During seminar, we aggressively discussed about our action plans which will be implemented when we come back from US to our country. We commended each other’s action plan and help one another to develop better action plan. Everyone has their own action plan depend on the occupation and the field of interest, anyhow, most of us have good action plan and be able to implement in our country.

From the knowledge and experiences gained from this trip to US, I try my best to develop our training centre, business services, jobs services, marketing, legislative advocacy and business networking (Unwind party, Rotary Club, golf tournament…) which already included in my action plan.
More information will be posted later.

Thank you
See you soon


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