Homestead Organic Farm with Laura and Henry

Homestead Organic Farm with Laura and Henry

For me staying with host family is the most interesting part of this program. One week here in Homestead Organics Farm not only brings me knowlegde of Organic Agriculture, CSA model and so on, but also many other experience of US culture.

First few days with Laura and Henry family, I had no feeling that I live in other people house. They treated me very nice as if I were one member of this family. Laura daughter and son Helen and Little Henry are nice with me too, Little Henry showed me how to play the Magic Card and I had a chance to come to Helen music performance, happily she and her band will go to the State competition.

After some trip visiting farms, CSA model, cooperative model ect, I finally can work with Henry and Laura at the farm. Only two people can handle the 14 arces farm with: vegetables, turkey, chicken, geese, goats ect. I have to say they organize their work in a very effectively and sientific way with lots of documentary records and schedule.

We also discussed about their customers network and CSA model. How they created the system from the beginning and how they maintain the system sustainably.

It is also a great experience to see how they combine poultry and vegetables, trying to create a circle within the farm. How they responsible to customer, to the soil, to the animals, and giving back. This week, we had two farm tours from the kids in town to the farm and it was fun to play with the kids and to see many excited activities for them.

Certainly, I have so many things can apply to my current work after coming back to Vietnam.

Beside gaining knowledge, I also experienced US culture, life and family. To live with the family, I somehow know about the relationship between parents and kids in the US.

It is very kind of Laura and Henry when they arranged for me to visit some friends of theirs so that I could learn more about US culture, religion. They also wanted me to experience more interesting activities such as: Turkey Butcher day, building house in American way. They even again organized a Thanks Giving Party with lots of nice people and friends just so I could have an idea what Thanks Giving is.

Time is flying fast, we almost go half way of the trip, and now I’m working with Laura on her visit to Vietnam. I gonna miss Montana much!




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