Time is the most Valuable Thing one can spend in Montana

Blog by Kunthy OK

I am so eager to write my second blog and sharing what I have been learning from my Fellows Host         “ Shawn Hinz” as the Director of Family Health Service at River Stone Health in Billing, Montana. She is the person whom I’m waiting for working and learning from her. I just met her on 15 April 2013, I’m so anxious to see her cause I didn’t meet her at Deen’s house lunch time. Everybody met their Host Family and Fellows Host on that day, except me that I didn’t meet my host family or my fellows’ host, so you know my felling ….. Anyway, Shawn sends her friend “Ms. Kate Siegrist” to meet me at Deen’s house on that day, Oh…my goodness that really great at less I meet her friend. After I met Shawn, I spend the whole week with her for 2013 Family & Community Health conference. During the conference I like the session on “The Home Visitor as Teacher of Adults” because this session touch about Thing I can do for Adult learning such as: Check in on feeling, Credential yourself, Create learning goals, Climate Co-learners, Watch thus interest, Task/ relationship focus and my curriculum relates to all 3 styles learn (Visual, Auditory, kinesthetic) which those apply to my working place.

All food lunch for whole conference; do you know what I had? Can you guess? Yes, I tell you those are Taco, everyday. So, I told to my host family and my fellows host NO MORE TACO for me in during this week, Taco is good but it just too much for me.

On 19 April 2013 was my journey from Missoula to Billing and it took 7 hours drive; Suddenly I knew the reason why my fellows host can’t come to have lunch at Deena’s house with me. I arrived at my host family’s house “SWENSON’S FAMILY” around 4:30 PM. During that weekend we were going to Red lodge which is the old town and nice place for visiting in Billing . I had “crepes” as my first favorite breakfast in Montana. Yesterday, I cooked the red curry for my host family with my special flowers decoration by carrot. They really like it, I’m so happy while they like it.

Today, Shawn introduced me to all her colleagues and I met Debbie Hedrick, Vice President of Public Health Services at RiverStone Health. Then we went to see the activities at the Head Start Program in Billing that guide our visited by Ms. Tera Debolt (Volunteer Coordinator). Head Start is the one program which providing exciting experience, make new friend, participate in activities designed to encourage growing and learning for kids 3-4 years old who from low income families. Those kids have two meals per day. Head Start also has A.W.A.R.E program that working with parents and teach them how to look care for their child, help them to read and combine what they learn at school apply at their home, including the child with disability and they have extra therapy too. In this Head Start School have 8 classes (4 classes in the morning and other 4 at the afternoon). All kids have seen the doctor 1 time/year (early of school) and dentist 2 times per year.

Those kids need to studies at Head Start 2 years then they can go to public pre-school. The Head Start program get funding by federal government and some from fund raising.

The Veterans Administration (VA) Montana Health Care System operates the nation’s largest integrated health care system with more than 15,000 sites of care, including hospitals, community clinics, and community living centers, domiciliaries, readjustment counseling centers and various other facilities. VA in Billing has 8 primary care doctors. VA provides services automatically for veterans who are eligible their activities in a combat theater and disabilities during World War II. The others they can use their health insurance or grant which provide by Federal government.

I have learned a lot including working with my best fellows host and family activities also. My host family is nice, sweet and supports me all the times, especially Mrs. Kay who always cook the special food for me. She likes my mum, I’m fell so close with her .I’m become one of members in the family. I’m learning the cultures in the family and people around, their activities, ideas, innovation, life style….

Thanks you soooooooooooo much for Deena and Kelsey who match the specialist professional (Shawn Hinz) and host family ( Swensen’s family) for me. I’m really appreciating your work. Sometimes I thought this is the dream but while I hit myself it hurt ….Oh, that real situation.

I’m going to share more information what I get from Missoula, Billing and other places too. I’m really enjoy with Montana.



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