21 April, 2013 20:06

A nice weekend!

Friday morning, we – 4 ladies in a car with a lot of luggage advance forward on Billing. On the way, we had many interesting halts: visit Old Prison Museum, a gift shop, lunch and shopping (shopping everywhereJ). After a long way, Gail picked me up to her house in Big Timber – a house in a mountain. It is not in my mind. My tired feeling fly away, the great mountains appear in front of me, a peaceful scene and I was homesick very much.

We came home. Two dogs rejoiced greatly and they were very friendly. They handed around me as if we knew together in a long time. After a rest, I started to cook dinner. It seems to know that I like rice, Gail bought rice. A simple dinner with two dishes but we really enjoy it and Gail said that: tasty.

Saturday morning, we had sightseeing on the mountain. There is nobody around there. There are only some cars and some houses on the mountain lonely with some herd of cows. Gail drove slowly so that I can enjoy a view and take photos. Regret that I only can take photos in the car because it’s windy outside. Until now, I never thought that one day, I can stay on high hills and mountains like this.

Saturday afternoon, we went to see a match Sweet Grass Wolves for students around there. It is similar to a football but the team includes boys and girls. This is my first time to see this game. It was still windy and sunny. I supported for home team (a Gail’s granddaughter is a member of that team) and we won. After that, we came back home and prepared for dinner. I was very surprised and happy because we had dinner with Gail’s sister and her relationships. We had a good and warm dinner. I was homesick again.

Sunday – it is not same to other days, today is Gail’s birthday. I wanted to do something for her on this special day but I didn’t know what I can do because I was still strange and like a fish out of water. I only can said that: “Happy Birthday to you!”. It snowed outside and I was happy with that. After breakfast, we went to Gail’s house in Billing – It is same houses in Missoula which I like. A warm feeling when I into the house. After that, we had a late lunch at a seafood restaurant. The food is good but I seemed still missing the meal from my home. Before come back home, we stopped off at WalMart. I wanted to buy some foods for next days. It still snowed and cold outside…

Tomorrow is a new day and I am sure that there are still a lot of interesting things which are waiting for me. And hoping that you also had a good weekend.

Best wishes,



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