Lovely Monday

I think I was unlucky to be in charge of the blog today because we had no session and I have not much to write about. But I was totally wrong, today’s also an amazing day as usual in MontanaJ

My host family, Ms Laura picked me up at the hotel at nearly 11am, then we went to the Good Food Store in Missoula. It’s a good place shopping for food, I can almost find any food I want there. That’s place also special because many products are from the local farms.

Early in the afternoon, we visited the Garden City Harvest. It is such a nice model for Community education program which is over 1000 students participated in school garden programs, over 4000 kids and adults visited the farm on educational field trips; for Community Gardens where everyone can take part in, grow their own vegetables and reduce stress on food budgets; for Youth development where the teenagers with or without problems ( drug, homeless) can join the farm work.

Later on, we arrived my host family – The Homestead Organic Farm.We have Big Henry (Laura’s husband), Little Henry a cute 12 years old boy (Laura’s son) and a very pretty girl name Helen, she’s Laura’s daughter. It’s such a nice farm with lots of animal, they have goats, turkey, ducks, chickens, geese and ofcourse dogs. Three happy dogs running aroud the farms : Zwiebel, Willie and Kameha .

They grow a lot of vegetables too, and I’m gonna discover this wonderful farm in the next two weeks.

At 6 pm, I went with Laura to Hamilton Farmers Market Cooperative Board of Director Meeting. The meeting was about organizing the Market in May 20th . The Hamilton Farmers Market Cooperative is place where local farms can bring their products and sell to local people and tourist also. The Board of Director is selected by all the farmers member who join the Market. They have monthly meeting to see how the Market is going and decide what to do and how to improve the quality of the Market, and Laura is one member of the Board.

We came back at 7pm and had a nice American dinner with organic salad , organic chicken soup and bread. Zwiebel’s messing around under the table, looking at everybody with his big, begging eyes.

After dinner, I went to help Laura and Henry with some farm work. The weather’s getting super cold in the evening and we had to cover the vegetables to keep them warm.

People in the house are very kind, Little Henry let me use his room for two weeks, providing me everything I need. I know that I will have a great time here with them.

One morething, I miss other members so much. We already get along with each other for 10 days with a lot of good memories and now we’re in difference places. I hope you guys have a good time with your host familes. See you guys soon.

Love, Minh


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