Integrate Westerns Wisdom into Eastern Practice

It has been almost a week already since we, Professional Fellows arrived Missoula yet some of us still experience Jetlag as it’s normal once we moved into different continents in which things are completely different from our countries- Time Zone, Whether, Eating habit and interact with English speaking environment!

It’s the fifth day of the workshop as we all have been enjoying and integrating the new knowledge and experienced for the past few days with all the passionate and motivated speakers!

Again today, we continued from what we have learned yesterday with Ms. Amita Patel on Business Financials, Marketing and Sustainability. I found it’s very interesting topic, and worth spending time to hear about the business sustainability, and how to keep our business grow. Ms. Amita has walked us through the potential techniques to see and analyze why some business success while many other are fail less than two years of their journey.

In this session, we also have our speaker Susannah R Easterly financial advisor to the Montana Community Development Corporation (Montana CDC) to share with us how to understand Financials which bring us to touch the basic accounting, financial statement and financial decision based on fact of an organization. Ms. Susannah helped to walk us through the hardest part of financials decision making, and had enlightened us with new perspective financial system. One most import thing, we have learned a new way of execute the work from different places through our home or work desktop. Come to an end of the class we all had group picture as this is also the best part of every workshop that we came across here in Montana.

Right after group picture, we all decided to go to Vietnam Grill, everybody were excited about Vietnamese Soup chilies source. It takes us about 10 minutes to walk. Once we all arrive, we set in different table as the preference of individual. I was asked to join the table with Kunthy, Kay and Phoung. Once I settled myself and got the order, I ordered the rice noodle soup- come out with the big bowl. Kunty and two others ordered the different menu; we shared a bit of everything among our table. One thing kept me laughing and embarrasses myself was that, “I ask girls if you want to share my soup you can” once I said that Kunthy ran quick to bring tea cups and passed them on to me. And then I shared the portion of my soup with them in tea cups. I was not realized the whole situation, once I saw people around looked at me like I know nothing between tea cup and small bowl!! I was like oh gosh!! What’s going on with me now? I felt so embarrass immediately I tried to change my feeling into funny situation, and we all laughed.

In the afternoon session, our fellows have learned with Dr. Jakki Mohr on Successful Marketing Strategies. Her presentation was so powerful as it helps us to understand and see how the marketing part is important, which respond to our own products, and how we present ourselves to our clients. Moreover, she brought us a broad way to understand about our goal and value proposition. One most important thing is that, we have learned how to place ourselves a head and fill the need of our customers.

Our last session was with Ms. Lisa Swallow I have learned how to maximize my understanding on climate change and social responsible in term of social responsible business woman. As I was listening to her presentation it gives me a clear guideline on how to put some of my old idea into practical world.

Within these past few days, I have learned so much from passionate speakers and all our fellows. My purpose here is to learn and share what should be shared. I try to pay attention to details of what I have learned here and bring back to adjust what can be adjusted to Cambodian community.

Well, I can’t express, and thanks enough for the team who put all their thoughts and energy to make this wonderful program happen, which bring us from different countries to meet here in Montana to learn and share the knowledge from different corner of the world. “Sharing Success Together”




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