Blog from Phuong

First week in Monata.

One week in Montana, I am still not acquainted with the cold here. I am still feeling homesick and miss the meal of my Mom. However, I really like and enjoy the atmosphere in here. I feel the warmth from friends from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. I really want to say thank to you who gave us the opportunity to meet and share together. On this occasion, I also would like to thank to my friends: Kunthy, Ya, Kay, Nate, Minh, Min Min, Phouxay, Payong and Chhunn for your help in the last days and next days. Thank you for helping me to overcome the difficulties and obstacles every day.

As well as the day before, the new day begins with the freezing. At 8:30 we were still in the car and waiting for the last member to go to school, preparing for a day of fun. I believe so.

The topic of Economic Models in the U.S. is always my interest. Through the presentation of Ms. Brigitta Miranda-Freer, We learnt more information about the Economic Development Models in Missoula. I was very interested in the matters of increase income and create. I could not imagine a figure of 2,500 primary jobs which Missoula Economic Partnership achieves in their five-year goals. And a lot of interesting information about the U.S. Government with talking of Professor Christopher Christopher Muste such as the role of the citizenry, the relationship between local, state, federal and tribal government,… Everybody were very interested in this and got a lot of information for them. And I like the openness and sharing of everybody.

We spent our lunch at the university. I always have the feeling of fun and surprised whenever I see the food in Missoula. It is not my imagination. I wondered how I can finish it. It is my challenge in Montana. So funny! Today, the vegetable is my lunch. It only cost $5.5, but you probably cannot imagine that with this amount of money, I can buy the whole load of vegetables in Vietnam J

One more thing, we are always interested in shopping after studying. Everyone almost wants to bring something of Montana as a gift for family and friends. Today, after one hour and a half to go around, we carried many things at a time and came back hotel with happiness. I have just discovered that the transportation for people with disability is very convenient in Montana. I did not imagine that there are also special vehicles for people with disabilities so that they can go shopping easily. Unfortunately, I found it out after shopping. Maybe I will be back to try the feeling of sitting on this vehicle. It is so amazing!

Thank you for listening and sharing with me. I know that there are still many interesting things in Montana. So, please discover and enjoy your time here.

Have nice weekend in Montana.



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