The fourth day of the program, April 10, 2013: Visiting the successful business, non-profit organization and Media Communication

2013-04-10 21.47.50

After having wonderful visiting American Indian Reservation yesterday, today we had a great time to learnt about the successful business model, non-profit financing and interactive communication with our lovely speakers. We started with a great presentation from Ms. Amita Patel Greer, director of business advising Montana Community Development Cooperation (Montana CDC) about writing effective business plan and financing for project or idea for small and medium size enterprises in the Montana. The Montana CDC is non-profit organization providing loan for people low income, help them to start new business and advises them. Anita did a great job this morning, she deeply explained about the important of writing business plan and she emphasized that without the effective business plan, the business hardly to success. As very interesting topic, the numbers of questions were raised to Amita mostly our colleague from Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. I remembered that I raised seven questions.

This morning, we were 2013-04-11 00.48.44not only had a great presentation but we also have a great lunch at Iza restaurant. We were very enjoyable with variety of Asia foods except my friend from Laos and Myanmar, they order wrong menu.

Next to the Iza res2013-04-11 02.23.56taurant is Betty’s Driven shop nickname “Hip Strip”. There was a presenter who can remember all things in the shop event the needs of her customers. She said that the shop did many type of advertising campaign but the successful campaign is introducing their products through customers in the street. I was surprised that why she tries to do everything for the shop, I ask one of my Vietnamese friends, he said that is Aimee MacQuilkin, the shop owner.

Next door of the Hip Strip shop is the Jeannette Rankin Peace Centre. The centre educates customer about social, economic & environmental principle of fair trade including working conditions, living wage, cultural preservation and etc. In addition, the shop sells a lot of things including jewelry, clothing, and house wares from local and international. Here, we met with Betsy Mullingan-Dague, executive director. She is very active in promoting the peace and fair trade in the country.  Surprisingly, one of her marketing is making Peace Number Plate for the car.2013-04-11 02.59.01

The Ecology Project International (EPI) is the one of our interesting place. This organization takes students from United States and oversea come to learn about wildlife and sea geology here in Montana which we never know before. I got an idea from this organization and I will develop it in my country.

At the end of the day, we met with Ms. Henriette Lowisch, the associate professor of UM school of journalism, we practice a lot drafting “Message Box”, jargon-free, concise message to be used interaction with media and policy-marker. She gave us assignment to develop our Message Box. For whom not finish her assignment, please quickly send her email.

I will end the day with the word: “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

See you later,

Phouxay thepphavong


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