first day of the program, meetin nice people in Missoula!

First day , Saturday April 06

We had breakfast at the hotel, and it the first time I know how to tip, it was strange to me, but I know I will get used to it.

Today, we had a warm welcome and introduction about the program from Deena, Kelsey, Dan who works with Deena and Kelsey and Layokat ,a student in Missoula. Opps I almost forget, Katland a very nice girl was there too. We also talked a little bit about American culture, how to get along with the host family.
Kelsey introduced carefully about the program for us, too. We could bring up as many questions as we wanted to and Deena and Kelsey were happy to answer all the questions for us.

We had lunch at China Buffet , the food there was ok. After lunch Kelsey and Katland took us to some shopping mall, actually we just drove by to know the addresses, to know the place so we can go to the next few days . We know that many American don’t go to Walmart because of their policy to the employee ( working 39 hours/week instead of 40 hours to avoid the health care, insurrance)

We came back to the hotel at 3.15. While everybody took a rest, I wen out the area with one Cambodia friend. I must say I love Missoula already, the city is peaceful, people running along the beautiful river, beautiful moutains are everywhere.

We came to Julie Foster and Steve Foster’s house to have dinner. They’re wonderful couple, they cooked a very nice meal for us. Mr Foster took us around his house, talked about his project of his land, about the insect that attack the trees. It’s a fun and great experience.


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